Apatapa was a location-based customer service application based out of Homewood, California. I created an economical, elegant and iterable visual identity for the company in 2012.
Context Clothing is a men's clothing shop and online retailer located in Madison, Wisconsin. Ezra Ewen and I directed two videos to showcase their spring line in 2013, emphasizing Context's vigorous sense of Wisconsin pride.
Wilder Lines was a charter bus company for college students and faculty based in Oberlin, Ohio. I created a visual identity for the company in 2011 using elements sourced from old printed materials, combining them to form a dignified identity intended to highlight the convenience and contentment of riding the bus while saluting classic advertisements for bus travel.
The Wellesley Academy is a fictitious school that I created as work of conceptual art in 2012. Operating as the students and headmistress of the school, Judith Norwhip, I created and staged materials to construct a series of plausible and thorough substantiations of the Academy in both physical and Internet environments.
I shot and retouched these photographic portraits of people I care about for fun between 2010 and the present.
Sister Crystals is a dream-pop band based in Chicago, Illinois. I created titles, visual effects for and coedited the music video for their song "White" with director Ezra Ewen in 2013.
MOLSON FOREVER was a work of conceptual art in the form of an event which served as my senior thesis and capstone project at Oberlin College in Oberlin, Ohio in 2012. I developed, produced and hosted this event to express my contempt for the college's art department and to satirize a typical Oberlin College "Art Show."
Madame Ezra is a painting I made of and for my friend Ezra Ewen as a joke in 2009.
Melted is a grilled-cheese food cart operating out of Madison, Wisconsin. I created a visual identity for the company in 2013 to highlight the simplicity and cheeriness of grilled cheese sandwiches while paying homage to classic diners of the 1940s and 50s.
Secondhand News is a small business which sells high-quality vintage clothing and other items in south-central Wisconsin. The visual identity I devised for Secondhand News in 2012 is a symbolic representation of the basis of the enterprise: the transfer of goods from one owner to the next.
Wordplay is a proposed theater company that will operate out of Chicago, Illinois with an emphasis on the word as the base unit of its theatrical productions. In developing a visual identity for Wordplay in 2013, I endeavored to evoke the inherent playfulness and whimsicality of theater without compromising conviction and maturity.
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